Nikawa Double Telescopic aluminum Ladder NK-50AI

Nikawa Double Telescopic aluminum Ladder NK-50AI


     Hundreds of jobs need to be done above shoulder-height, and it’s almost impossible to finish them properly without good quality ladders. There are many types of ladders, available in different shapes and sizes, so selecting the right one can be difficult, but here at Nikawa, we know that an excellent ladder will last a lifetime. 

        Telescopic ladder are made of aluminium and small plastic parts. Maximum weight of telescopic ladder user is 330ib (150kg). Because of folding option they are easy to transport around and use at different occasions at home, work or any other place. Our telescopic ladder are certified with EN131, EU approved and safe for use!



Model A-Shape Height (in) Max Height (in) Min Height (in) Weight


Load Capacity (ib) Reference (unit) Warranty


NK-50AI 98.43 196.85 37.4 39.68 330.69 2×8 18


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