Nikawa Double Telescopic Aluminum ladder NK-38AI

Nikawa Double Telescopic Aluminum ladder NK-38AI

It’s a strong, safe and versatile ultra portable telescopic A- Frame & Wall support ladder made of high grade
aircraft aluminum, can be used anywhere for homes, offices and ideally for professionals who need to carry
the ladder to the work site.
This ladder stores in a very compact space and extends in 1 foot increments. It has threaded rubber feet for
maximum grip on slippery surface. Comes with a heavy duty Velcro strap to secure the ladder when it is in
storage position.


Model A-Shape Height (in) Max Height (in) Min Height (in) Weight


Load Capacity (ib) Reference (unit) Warranty


NK-38AI 74.8 149.61 29.53 33.07 330.69 2×6 18

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