Nikawa NK – M18S Cordless Drill

Nikawa NK – M18S Cordless Drill

NIKAWA NK – M18S Cordless Drill


+) NK – M18S Cordless Drill is used for repairing and installing furnitures in the house

+) NK – M18S is an electric drill which uses rechargeable batteries. This drill is available with similar features to an mains – powered drill.

+) The machine can perform tasks such as drilling wood, screwing and unscrewing  quickly

+) Not cause difficulties in the process of working because the machine is not connected directly to power

+) Design of NK – M18S is slight, compact and modern


Maximum Torque 25N.m
Twist level 20+3
Charging Time 3-5 hours
Battery Capacity 1000mAh



6 HSS bits
6 bits (25 mm)
A Battery Charger

 Image of NK – M18S:



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