Nikawa NK-MC1400 Marble Cutter

Nikawa NK-MC1400 Marble Cutter

NK-MC1400 Marble Cutter


+) NK-MC1400 Marble cutter can cut brick, stone, concrete,…

+) NK – MC1400 operates with Rated Power – 1400 watt and No Load Speed – 12000/Min

+) NK – MC1400 creates deep, exact and definitive cuts on brick, stone or concrete

+) Weight of NK – MC1400 is light (6.61 ib ~ 3 kg). So you can carry  it easily


Rated power 1400 Watt
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
No load speed 12000/min
Blade Diameter 110 mm
Ability to cut 0 degree angles 32.5 mm
Ability to cut 45 degree angles 21.5 mm



 A Wrench
A Hex Key Set
Tap and Pipe





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